At Asnowha we are so TIRED of all the boring colors that plague the apparel on the slopes. For years the big snow apparel manufacturers have released line upon line of the same monochromatic paneled jackets and pants.

We set out to change this… By bringing the spirit of Aloha and the vibrancy of the Hawaiian Islands to the mountains. Our goal is to put the style back in snowboarding, and in the most sustainable way, with absolutely radical patterns and limited lines.



Our wild patterns and extremely limited lines are made with SYMPATEX recycled fabric and treated with a 100% eco friendly DWR, RepellWell.


With limited lines, we guarantee your individuality, and minimize the amount of excess waste. Respect for Mother Nature and expression of yourself is all we want you to achieve when you wear an Asnowha Jacket.


Each jacket is wrapped in excess banana leaves and recycled paper before they are shipped…no plastic.

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